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  • Meet MaryannI’ve seen great improvements. Meet Mary Ann
    “In 2009, I had rotator cuff surgery. Although I was diligent in my physical therapy, I found I wasn’t using my right arm, to the point where I had limited movement. I joined a gym and got a trainer, and actually had great results. I went religiously until I changed jobs and found that the club was out of the way. When I did go, I was beginning to realize my trainer had no real plan for me, it was just “what did I want to work on today?” I started slacking off so I decided to join Y.E.S. Fitness. My primary reason was it was 5 minutes from my home, so I’d have no excuses not to go. My …

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  • superfoodsHottest Nutrition Trends for 2018
    The New Year is traditionally a time when people get more interested in health and wellness. March is National Nutrition Month. What we put into our bodies has a huge effect on our health, mood, performance, how we feel and how long we live. Here are some of the hold over trends from 2017 and the hottest nutrition trends for 2018. …
  • An easy way to live longerAn easy way to live longer
    Many of us are always looking for that edge to reduce the risk of mortality. Typically, it is found in simple changes we can make in our daily lives. In a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, people who began eating healthy experienced a decreased risk of death, compared to their peers who had persistently low …
  • how is your memory?How is Your Memory?
    Do you ever walked into a room and forget why you went in, or run into someone and forget their name? While exercise has long been appreciated as a way to strengthen muscles, trim fat and boost heart health, research continues to show just how much it impact it can have on brain health as we age. A study, published in the medical journal …


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