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  • A Portion Control Guide to Thanksgiving
    Especially around the holidays people struggle with keeping their weight in check. Here are some recommended serving sizes for traditional Thanksgiving foods. Included are simple descriptive aids and tips to help you figure out how much of each you should consume. These smart strategies will help you keep your portions in check and your …
  • Make breakfast a priorityIt’s time to take breakfast off the backburner and make it a priority!
    It’s all too easy to get stuck in the habit of pushing breakfast out of our morning routines. We may do this to save time, or simply because we don’t feel well when we eat food early in the morning. Well it’s time to take breakfast off the backburner and make it a priority again! In honor of National Better Breakfast Month, we’ve decided …
  • Simplify your lifeSimplify Your Life
    Reduce Screen Time. The average person watches TV over 35 hours per week! Imagine the more productive tasks you could accomplish each week, just by cutting this time in half. However, TV isn’t the only culprit here; statistics show, the average person spends 35 hours per week on social media, as well! Put these two together and that’s 70 …

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