Chris Borda

Y.E.S. Fitness Owner & Manager, Senior Exercise PhysiologistChris Borda

B.S. Health & Fitness Specialist, Empire State College

Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Functional Movement Assessment – Certified
Certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (American Heart Association)
Certified in Standard First Aid (American Red Cross)

Member, ACSM, American College Sports Medicine
Member, NSCA, National Strength & Conditioning Association
Member of IDEA, The International Association of Fitness Professionals

Exercise is key to overall, life-long health at any age. Through safe and effective exercise programs, through the inspiration, motivation and relationship with me and my Coaches, my clients meet their health and fitness goals.  Ultimately, as my clients learn patience and compliance, a feeling of well-being surpasses the exhausting race for the magic number and the perfect body. Though these may still be goals, my clients learn how to create healthy habits, one at a time, learning how to forgive their mistakes and get back on course.  They learn how to pace themselves for a lifetime run that should not be an isolated sprint. This is the learning which I believe is necessary for the long-term development and maintenance of a healthy and fit body.

I enjoy developing personal, trusting relationships with my clients. As we work together, I learn about their strengths and limitations and, in accordance with their goals, we create challenging sessions which are not boring or routine. It is a pleasure to hear clients discover that they are stronger and capable of greater intensity or that they are interested in something new that had previously been thought impossible. We enjoy these small successes together which fuel our future efforts.

My commitment in a training session is to listen well and to be supportive. I always try to ask how a previous session has gone and I want to hear what worked and what needs to be changed. I believe that personal training is a collaborative effort and will lead to the best results when a client trusts me enough to participate openly and honestly. I emphasize the positive and remind clients, who may have forgotten, how far they have come since beginning the program. A session that includes laughter and a smile (or two) makes intense exercise fun and more likely to be embraced over years. I want to hear my clients say, “Over Already?”  I want them to look forward to our next meeting.



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