Laurye, 40

After turning 40 last year, I had come to the realization that I was not where I wanted to be physically.  I lacked the energy to get through a day. I decided it was time to commit to a more positive lifestyle and I approached Chris at Y.E.S. Fitness to see if they could help me.

I joined and attended 30/30 classes three times a week and within 6 months, there were measurable results and, most importantly, I COULD SEE THEM!!  I was eating healthier, my body was toned up and the energy…let’s just say I had no issues keeping up with my kids!

My dream of participating in pageants again (I did as a child) was reached as my confidence and body image improved…I placed 1st Runner Up in the Mrs. Connecticut United States Pageant in May 2007!  I am living proof that you can reach your dreams with commitment and a Y.E.S. attitude.

When I approached Y.E.S. Fitness, I asked if they could help me feel younger, stronger and be happy with who I am at this stage of my life.  With their help and dedication to me, it was a resounding Y.E.S.!!”



Diane, 68

“Best Christmas present ever! I started working out at Y.E.S. Fitness six years ago working with a coach once a week. Since then I have lost a total of 20 lbs., I am stronger than I…

Christine, 44

“Goodbye muffin top! I have lost ten pounds and two pant sizes in six months. I have ran my first 5K which I could not run before because of lack of stamina and knee problems.…

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