Most Healthiest Cities

Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota is America’s fittest city in American College of Sports Medicine’s most recent American Fitness Index. It has more parks per square mile than any major city in the U.S. and is second for the number of bicyclists per capita. The Twin Cities also get high marks for access to fresh food with there being twice as many farmer’s markets.
Did your city make the ACSM healthy cut?

1. St. Paul, MN.
2. Washington, DC.
3. Portland, OR.
4. San Francisco, CA.
5. Denver, CO.
6. Boston, MA.
7. Sacramento, CA.
8. Seattle, WA.
9. Hartford, CT.
10. San Jose, CA.
11. Austin, TX.
12. Salt Lake City, UT.
13. Cincinnati, OH.
14. San Diego, CA.
15. Raleigh, NC.
16. Pittsburgh, PA.
17. Baltimore, MD.
18. Virginia Beach, VA.
19. Cleveland, OH.
20. Richmond, VA.

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