Last Year’s Grand Prize Winning Team

In just 8 short weeks Kelly, Melissa and Carl combined for a loss of 34 pounds of fat, dropped 12% body fat and took home the $3000 grand prize!


  • It is that time again…
  • If you are finished with fad diets and failed attempts at the quick fixes…
  • If you think “you are too out of shape” to join a gym…
  • If you think you have too many injuries and limitations to be able to safely join a gym and workout…
  • If you want more energy…
  • If you want to fit in your clothes better…
  • If you are ready to feel better than you have ever felt…
  • If you understand that the answer isn’t running on a treadmill or all of the other easy things we wish worked…
  • If you understand running yourself into the ground and puking every workout isn’t the solution and is actually unsafe and counterproductive…

We are exactly the place for you!!!

So what time of the year is it? It is when…
The ONLY fitness facility in Burlington
Built especially for you, your abilities, your age, your goals and everything in between that consistently get extraordinary,
Tangible major life transformation…

Presents to you, the 2018 New Year New You

8 Week Fat Loss Challenge


“New Year’s Resolutions” will be falling off shortly…but rather than give up we embrace the life changing time of year where YES Fitness runs the third annual, New Year New You.

Once a year we “kick off the New Year” with our often imitated but never replicated New Year New You -8 Week Fat Loss Challenge where teams of 3 participate to see who loses the most combined PERCENTAGE of pounds of fat lost and pounds of muscle gained to win a $3000+* Grand Prize

Let’s quickly tackle the most popular question right off the bat. Everyone starts from an equal playing field. I emphasized “percentage” above because it means that it is based off where you start. So a 200 pound person essentially has to lose double what a 100 pound person has to for it to be equal percentage wise so a starting weight has neither an advantage nor disadvantage…

In just 8 short weeks Christine, Rich and Jeff combined for a loss of 62 pounds of fat, dropped 17% body fat and took home the $3000 grand prize!

What are the details?

  • Challenge starts on February 12 and runs until April 7 (8 weeks)
  • Three (3) people per team; the team must include at least one (1) non-member/client of YES Fitness. A team may consist of two (2) or three (3) non-members. You don’t’ not need to be a client or become a client to participate.
  • The initial weigh-in must be completed between February 5 and February 10; the final weigh-in must be completed between April 5 and April 7.
  • Participants are recommended to complete a minimum of three (3) to four (4) workouts per week during the challenge. A combination of complete strength classes, metabolic zone training and semi-private sessions are recommended to achieve maximum results, though you are not limited to four (4) per week.
  • A FOUR DAY/THREE NIGHT vacation for two to anywhere in the continental United States for the Y.E.S. Fitness member with the greatest overall transformation during the contest*
  • $3000 will be awarded to the first place team with the greatest transformation*($1,000 per team member)
  • $500 each to the greatest overall male & female transformation*
    (*See accompanying Rules of the Y.E.S Fitness 2018 New Year New You Transformation Contest, and the Measurement Requirements and Explanation of Scoring)
  • Again, the winning team is calculated by pounds of fat lost and muscle gained. A percentage system is used so that someone who is 250 pounds and loses 20 pounds of fat and someone who is 125 pounds loses 10 pounds of fat receive the same amount of points so everyone in on a level playing field.

Included is…

  • 2 Month Membership to YES Fitness.
  • Before and after measurements.
  • “New Year New You” customized nutrition program including meal plans and our “secret sauce” on how to get the greatest results in the shortest period of time.
  • Weekly accountability meetings to keep you on track exclusive for participants, including a private Facebook group for the challenge.
  • Unlimited coaching support form our entire coaching staff. You will never be alone at the gym as a coach will always be there to help you.


This could be you…


Not making a decision is in itself making a decision. Actively making a decision that avoids getting your life the exact way you want it, is a horrible decision to make. Commit to making a change and become more confident and better able to deal with anything life throws your way. People who are legitimately strong (in every sense) get through life more effectively and enjoyable.

Now this is important the entry fee ($147 – $497) based on current YES Fitness membership status as of February 12, 2018.

We have a range of entry fees because what we do is so individualized, I can’t tell you which option is best for you without first seeing specifically how you move in the most thorough fitness assessment in Connecticut. If you’re not assessing you’re guessing and we don’t guarantee results by guessing.

To schedule your strategy session to see your best fit, fill out the application and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Conventional wisdom often focuses in the perceived, inevitable decline of individuals middle-aged and older. We hear phrases like, “over the hill” and are teased about “one more candle on the birthday cake.” Well, we don’t buy it. Y.E.S. Fitness is here to disprove these tired, too-easily accepted stereotypes. We help individuals 40-plus have a healthier, happier and more vital lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve been to other franchises “McGyms”, paid a low monthly price and failed to achieve any results. Maybe you’ve been enticed by “bootcamp” type programs think vomiting after a workout is good. While these types of training facilities may work for certain people, one-size-fits-all model simply won’t address the needs of individuals aged 40-plus. Y.E.S. Fitness offers the fight mix of physiology knowledge, coaching commitment, personalized and proven results-based training methods – to help you feel Younger Every Second.

What can be done in 8 weeks?

Charlene is down 32 pounds of fat and has gained 3 pounds of lean muscle!

We are not your average “gym.” We put a lot of time, energy and money to make it so…

We are the ONLY Fitness Facility in Connecticut designed specifically for men and women, 40 plus, plus.

That quote is an important part of our core values at YES Fitness. We intentionally call out team/staff coach or fitness professional because we are not “personal trainers.” Personal trainer is what us the average in the industry. Punch the clock, doing it on the side while you “find a real job” and lacking education and genuine skill set to help people. That is exactly NOT who we are and what we do.

Scientific studies prove that by optimizing one’s fitness level, one can actually reverse the effects of aging and avoid chronic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We know it’s true, because we’ve personally coached individuals who achieved amazing results in their health and lifestyle by increasing physical strength and endurance, improving aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and fat loss. We can help you!

“We Change Lives” is something we are very serious about.

I feel stronger, healthier, and have learned I can do so much more than I thought I could.
Before joining YES I was pretty inactive, the weight was starting to pile on. I felt sluggish to the point where it impacted daily activities- I’d get winded just doing a flight of stairs. I knew I had to take action before things got worse. There are so many things I like about YES – getting a customized workout program specifically for me every 6 weeks, and the accountability of my appointment based semi-private coaching sessions. I never thought I would be getting up early on a Saturday morning for a workout class- that I now actually look forward to. I feel stronger, healthier, and have learned I can do so much more than I thought I could. YES provides me with such a great experience, I look forward to getting even stronger, healthier, and leaner.”
-Michelle R.

“After my body got over the shock of reduced beer intake, I got results!
Before I joined YES I would work all day, go home and have 3 or 4 beers and occasionally get in a bike ride. I was tired early evening. About a year ago, at my annual doctor visit the doctor suggested weight loss. Previously I was too busy, and just didn’t think I needed to exercise. After my body got over the shock of reduced beer intake, I got results! Not results only in weight, but my overall health. I now feel younger every second and much better physically and mentally. I am stronger, much lighter, less tired and can do more.”
-Chuck S.

Down 40 lbs!
Before joining YES I was not working out at all. I had a high level of travel with work and no diet regulation what so ever. I was fed up with my weight and general health. My wife, Ann had seen that YES was offering a 30 day trial, I was very easily influenced to give it a try. I didn’t need much of a push because I was tired of being overweight. In the past I had never been involved in an exercise program before. I had a ton of excuses, it was either I never had time, or I was traveling. When I joined YES Fitness I was surprised at how I did actually have time to exercise. I finally put the excuses aside and I am now feeling substantially better. I have lost 40 pounds, I feel stronger, and have much more energy.”