YES Fitness New Year New You 2017 

Are you ready to feel better than you have ever felt?

Finished with the fad diets and failed attempts at the quick fixes?

Want more energy?

Want to fit into your clothes better?

 Great! We are excited to help you become the best version of yourself. Our team will be in your corner the entire way. Welcome to the YES Fitness New Year New You 2017 Transformation Challenge.
This is a six week team challenge that is dedicated to getting you the best results and greatest transformation over the shortest period of time. You will be on a team with two other highly motivated individuals and will have a chance to win up to a $3000 grand prize!



Looking for a jump start to your body transformation?

Need more personalized attention, accountability and support?

Want to learn proper fat loss nutrition?

Exercise in an environment that delivers results?


Hear what some of our clients have to say

Check out Christine, a member of 2016 NYNYs winning team success story…
“I lost over 7 lbs. of fat and gained over 2 lbs. of muscle!” “The New Year, New You challenge gave me the motivation to reach my weight loss goal. I feel great! The guidance from the coaches motivated me to develop healthy nutrition habits that will be with me for life.” – Christine



Our New Year New You Transformation Challenge is the perfect introduction to how we do things, why we do them. Why there is no other choice when it comes to lifestyle transformation and meeting your goals.

We want you, our future client, to learn the power of making the commitment to your training and nutrition. Everyone’s body and lifestyle are unique. One size fits all nutrition and training programs isn’t for everyone. Each person’s metabolism is different. Learn how a specialized program for you goals and abilities will maximize your results.

Check out Ann, another member of 2016 NYNYs success story…
“I knew something needed to change. I was very interested with the over 40 gym culture. In the past I had tried a few different exercise routes. Such as spinning, or traveling to other gyms. I failed to find a likeable and convenient gym or exercise class. Now that I’ve been a member of YES Fitness, I feel so much better.  I was able to lose weight as well as gain strength. In fact I have lost 17 pounds of fat, and gained muscle!” -Ann


Here is how it works. The winning team is based upon who has the greatest percent change of body composition. This is not fat loss contest. The team that loses the most weight could be the winners but not necessarily.

The New Year New You Kickoff Seminar is taking place Tuesday, January 24th at 7:00 PM.

The challenge begins Monday, January 30th at 6:00 AM


Entry fee into the challenge includes:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited access to YES Fitness dynamic group coaching sessions

  • New Year New You personalized nutrition journal with meal plans and our “secret sauce” on how to get the greatest results in the shortest period of time

  • Unlimited coaching (a coach is always present to assist you)

You must TAKE ACTION NOW! These spots will fill up quickly!

Fill out my online form.

The YES Fitness Team is excited to help you transform your body and lifestyle. They will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success!



Diane, 68

“Best Christmas present ever! I started working out at Y.E.S. Fitness six years ago working with a coach once a week. Since then I have lost a total of 20 lbs., I am stronger than I…

Christine, 44

“Goodbye muffin top! I have lost ten pounds and two pant sizes in six months. I have ran my first 5K which I could not run before because of lack of stamina and knee problems.…

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