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Thank you for downloading the “Calorie Counting Debunked” infographic!

It is on the way to our ‘inbox’ right now…

What you probably DON’T know about this graphic is that it represents one of the biggest pet peeves among trainers today!

It’s true….

For years upon years, we have been trying to convince our clients that counting calories is largely a waste of time. What REALLY matters is the source of the calories.

Nutrition, is what I do.

Yet, even today, with all the science we have laser focused on the nutrition industry, there are very well-known weight loss chains promoting this approach.

(Maybe it just means job security for them…their clients that will ALWAYS have to return – because it doesn’t work!)

Look at it this way…

Let’s say you and your best friend were on a 2,000 calories per day diet.

You built your 2,000 calorie diet using largely lean protein and veggies…and a small amount of fats.

Your friend chose lots of sugar and breads, pasta, rice, crackers, etc.  Call it typical “Western Diet” stuff…

…Same caloric intake…

…Same activity levels…

Calories in, calories out. Right?

Not exactly.

Our bodies treat protein, fat and carbohydrate calories VASTLY differently (as you will see by the numbers in the infographic).

So, what do you think you and your friend will look like 6 months from now?

Yeah…you guessed it. You will be a LOT leaner than your friend.

Theory proven. (or disproven…depending on which side of this argument you fall on.)