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At Y.E.S. Fitness, nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. For those who wish to enhance their program and maximize results, we offer our Y.E.S. Nutrition plan to all our Y.E.S. Essential or Y.E.S. Customized clients.  Just like our Y.E.S. Assessment Method, our nutrition plan is personalized to you! At your initial meeting, our Y.E.S. Fitness Nutrition Specialist will help work with you to create a relevant and realistic meal plan that works in tandem with your fitness program.  Based on your program, you will meet with our Nutrition Specialist to review and refine your plan. Combined with your Y.E.S. Fitness session, you will Get Fit, Feel Younger, Live Better!

For those requiring nutritional supplements, Y.E.S. Fitness offers its clients All Natural Food Bars and Dietary Supplements that include:

Perfect Food Bars – A variety of flavors that will give you the quality energy needed to get you through your session or day and it’s HEALTHY! They are high protein, gluten free, organic with no preservatives, no GMOs, no refined sugar and TASTE GREAT!
Perfect Food Bars

Y.E.S. Fitness offers an all-natural, higher quality supplements line that is held to strict manufacturing protocols for physically active people. Our supplements accomplish two things:

  1. They help in the digestion and utilization of foods, thus creating “higher octane fuel” for your body.
  2. They ensure that all nutritional gaps are filled, allowing your body to efficiently and effectively burn fat, build lean muscle tissue and fully adapt to increased physical stress.

Pure Whey Protein Supplement – Muscular strength is important to feeling Younger Every Second.  Many of our Y.E.S. Fitness clients achieve better strength gains with the use of our Y.E.S. Pure Whey Protein.  During training, our bodies need more fuel and nutrients to keep up with the nutrient loss.  Our Y.E.S. Pure Whey Protein formula replenishes those nutrients lost and promotes enhanced muscle development for our 40-plus clients.  We have selected a Super-Premium Formulation that delivers on quality, process and age…all components that affect the value of what you are putting in your body.

Salmon Oil Supplement – Cardiovascular health is critical to feeling Younger Every Second.    Salmon Oil contains two key Omega-3 fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  Adequate levels of EPA and DHA are paramount to maintaining our cardiovascular system in good health.  From lowering blood pressure, reducing “bad” cholesterol, improving glucose metabolism, to helping our brains function optimally, Y.E.S. Fitness Salmon Oil Supplement is great for optimal cardiovascular health.

Daily Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula – Designed for our Y.E.S. Fitness clients who have an active lifestyle, are athletes, or who put their bodies through a higher level of physical stress on a regular basis.



Diane, 68

“Best Christmas present ever! I started working out at Y.E.S. Fitness six years ago working with a coach once a week. Since then I have lost a total of 20 lbs., I am stronger than I…

Christine, 44

“Goodbye muffin top! I have lost ten pounds and two pant sizes in six months. I have ran my first 5K which I could not run before because of lack of stamina and knee problems.…

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