Body Composition

The optimal body should be comprised of 78% – 84% of lean mass (which means everything BUT Fat!) and only 16% – 22% of Fat allowing for an efficient metabolism during exercise and rest.  Unfortunately, many 40-plus people don’t think anything is “wrong” when they have “only gained 5 pounds” the past 10 years but it’s really 10 pounds of “fat gain” and 5 pounds of “muscle loss”.

The body from age 30 to 40, on average, will lose about a half-pound of muscle while gaining one pound of fat.  From age 40 on, you will lose muscle and gain fat at an even faster pace without exercise.

The “vicious cycle” is well underway by age 40, as your body’s metabolism slows due to the lean mass loss and you gain a few inches on your body from the Fat gain.

The Good News!  The Y.E.S. Method we are committed to at Y.E.S. Fitness can show you how to Build Muscle at Any Age…even through your 90s.  We help you build lean mass, reduce inches from your body and make you feel great in doing the normal activities of life.



Diane, 68

“Best Christmas present ever! I started working out at Y.E.S. Fitness six years ago working with a coach once a week. Since then I have lost a total of 20 lbs., I am stronger than I…

Christine, 44

“Goodbye muffin top! I have lost ten pounds and two pant sizes in six months. I have ran my first 5K which I could not run before because of lack of stamina and knee problems.…

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