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6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Making Your Resolutions

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Did you accomplish what you want to financially, weight loss/exercise, career/education or maybe another habit in 2017? For many people it has come to that time of the year again, when they take a moment to reflect on the previous year and what they’re looking forward to the coming year. Every year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but research suggests only a fraction actually keep them.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Here’s what not to do when making resolutions:

Big, bold resolutions are set-ups for failure. Be realistic about life and articulate goals that you can live with and achieve. For example, vowing to swear off something you love, like ice cream or wine isn’t a resolution likely to last. Instead consider compromises that you can live with all year long, such as eating ice cream only twice a month or only enjoy wine one day on a weekend.

Setting goals that are too; vague, broad, or big are some of the biggest mistakes people make. Create a specific, detailed action plan. For example, rather than say you’ll save money, say that you’ll put an extra $50 per week in your savings account.

Trying to accomplish multiple things all at once will quickly get overwhelming and only lead to failure. Stick to one thing, master it, and move onto the next. Choose a goal that focuses on the behavior that gets the mind and body running move effectively, like exercising, eating nutritious foods, or quitting smoking.

Track your progress and make yourself accountable to someone. People generally do better when they take action. For example, activate your goals by doing things like writing them down or using tools that will help you to see your progress. Write down a schedule for a friend or family member to check your progress. Being accountable to someone other than you is a very powerful tool.

Create an environment for success.  Don’t expose yourself to temptation. For example if junk food is your downfall don’t purchase it. Our resolve diminishes the more we are forced to say “no”, so don’t put yourself in that situation.

Avoiding these pitfalls and adopting some strategies to stay on track can help you achieve your goals. Let’s make this year’s resolutions successful one and ones to remember!

Fortunately, avoiding these pitfalls and adopting some strategies to stay on track can help you achieve your goals. Follow these expert tips to stick to — and actually achieve — your resolution for the New Year.

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