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Abdominal Bracing vs. Hollowing

The abdominal hollowing technique has been touted as a way to improve your core stability and has been a universally accepted, go-to exercise for physical therapists (PTs) and fitness coaches for the last decade. Unfortunately, it has been shown that

Weight Training Key to Battling Belly Fat

Researcher found that combining aerobic activities with weight, or resistance training is key to preserving muscle and avoiding weight gain, particularly age-related belly fat. Measuring waist circumference is a key indicator of healthy body composition among older adults. Engaging in

Scoliosis and Yoga

Scoliosis affects over 6 million people. The disorder is usually diagnosed between the ages of 10-15 causing children to be fitted for a brace that is worn 23 hours per day. A new study, however, found that a single yoga

Laughter, Brain Fitness in Older Adults

According to a new study, laughter may not only be the best medicine; it may also offer a way to improve memory. Researchers examined the relationship between cortisol and memory, and investigated whether humor and laughter could reduce the damage

Eating With The Seasons

If we take a look at the big picture on nutrition, food and relationship to eating, the human body looks like a miniature version of the universe. For instance, the qualities and changes in the seasons are reflected in our

Box Jumping for Aerobic Training

You can get a great cardio workout with the right kind of box jumping routines. Find a 12 inch plyometric stool or “box,” and repeatedly jump onto it, both feet at the same time, and step off, no pausing in

Joanne, 61

“I’ve lost 8 lbs. in less than three months! The 100-Workout Challenge at Y.ES. Fitness was a very personally rewarding experience. I improved my nutrition, along with exercise and my body had toned up and my pants notice a significant

New Year, New You

New Year, New You Contest Rules

You can WIN $3,000   Rules of the YES Fitness New Year, New You Transformation Contest: The New Year, New You Transformation Contest (“Contest”) begins January 28th at 6:00AM and ends on March 27th at 7:00PM. Entry fee ($97-$197 per

Healthy Food Face-Off

Many people have a limited food budget. So it’s important to learn which similarly healthy foods can give you the most nutritional bang for your buck. This health food face-off will uncover the edibles that soar above the rest. Contenders: