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Back To School – Bag Lunch or Hot Lunch?

It is that time of year again when kids are off to school. That all- important question of what do I do about lunch is back. Does your child have food allergies? Are they a picky eater? Or are you out of lunch ideas and do not want the cafeteria food as an option? A few famous chefs have shared their ideas about what they pack for their kids.

  • ½ sunflower butter and banana sandwich, low-fat fruit yogurt and grape tomatoes.
  • Goat cheese and grape jelly on a mini cinnamon bagel, raw sugar snap peas and nectarine.
  • Chicken soup with noodles and veggies, and animal crackers and raspberries.
  • Peanut butter and jelly heart-shaped sandwich on whole grain bread, baby carrots and banana.
  • Rolled up turkey lunch meat, string cheese, fruit kabobs and whole grain crackers.
  • Star shaped tuna sandwich, edamame in the shells and blueberries.
  • Turkey, lettuce, and Dijon mustard pinwheels on whole grain tortilla, baby carrots or celery sticks and veggie chips.
  • Lettuce wraps with grilled teriyaki chicken breast, air popped popcorn and mandarin orange.
  • Turkey sloppy-joe on a slider bun, English cucumber slices tossed with lemon juice and sliced granny smith green apples sprinkled with lemon juice to prevent browning.
  • Half an egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread, cherry tomato and mozzarella ball salad and honey dew or watermelon wedge.
  • Tortilla soup, corn on the cob and grapes

Whether you make the food look fun or add in notes or stickers to brighten their day, make sure to pack their lunch with power foods. Include whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables that will keep your child energized and fueled for their day.

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