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Can Fitness & Body Composition Predict Cancer Risk in Men?

With cancer being the leading cause of death world-wide, researchers looked into other risk factors that we can control to help prevent it. We know that smoking and other tobacco products, excessive alcohol use, poor nutrition, obesity and more contribute to that risk, but what about fitness level?

The study had three main findings. First, improving or maintaining fitness was associated with a 26% lower risk of developing cancer as opposed to losing fitness. Secondly, negative changes in maximal METS were also found to be related to an increased risk of developing cancer. In fact, men who stayed fit or became fitter during the time frame of the study had a 36-39% lower risk. Third, body composition did not seem to affect cancer risk as much as changes in fitness levels.

So, there you go again. Exercise is medicine.

Resource: OnFitness Magazine 

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