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6 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

Let’s face it, life is hectic. The days, weeks, months and years just seem to roll by faster and faster. There seems to be a constant barrage of responsibilities and tasks to be completed. Less time for yourself to do

March Madness and National Potato Chip Day?

Today is the start of March Madness and National Potato Chip Day. The two are naturally tied together as college basketball enthusiast prepare to bunker down for the next six days. The menu for this six day event will surely


In the United States the Baby Boomer and older-adult populations are increasing at unprecedented rates. It is estimated that the U.S. population of adults over the age of 65 will double by year 2030. Once an adult passes their physical


Everyone is living very busy lives which is creating poor sleep habits. Despite knowing that sleep is important for optimal health, many will reduce their shut-eye to make time to do other things. Sleep deprived individuals beware: even modest reductions

Is Breathing Necessary?

Take a deep breath. Feel your stomach fill with air like a balloon. It presses down into the pelvis. Your stomach presses out forward and out to the side. Pause, and then exhale. This is a simple, mindless process that we perform thousands

Joanne, 61

“I’ve lost 8 lbs. in less than three months! The 100-Workout Challenge at Y.ES. Fitness was a very personally rewarding experience. I improved my nutrition, along with exercise and my body had toned up and my pants notice a significant

New Year, New You

New Year, New You Contest Rules

You can WIN $3,000   Rules of the YES Fitness New Year, New You Transformation Contest: The New Year, New You Transformation Contest (“Contest”) begins January 28th at 6:00AM and ends on March 27th at 7:00PM. Entry fee ($97-$197 per

Woohoo! I did it! Now what?

You did it. You’ve hit your next goal. No you crushed it! And now that the dust has settled you’re thinking either one of two things, “Well, now what do I do?” or “What if I go back to my

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