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Cleanses & Detoxification Programs For The New Year

January 1st seems to be a popular date for “dieting” and weight loss programs. Perhaps feeling a few extra pounds from the holidays can spark a little motivation to make some eating and exercise changes. A popular way to start this process is with colon cleanses and detox programs.

They are everywhere: infomercials, magazines, books, and the Internet. You name it, you can find one of these programs claiming to help you lose weight and rid your body of toxins. But do they really do what they claim? Are they effective and necessary?

What these programs offer are exactly what our liver and kidneys already do, rid the body of toxins. If you drink adequate water and eat foods high in fiber, your liver and kidneys provide a sufficient job. Add in exercise to move the bowels, your body’s natural processes will match or beat any product on the market.
A healthy lifestyle will allow you to PREVENT “things” from happening, which can create the need for a cleanse. Nor will you have to FIX “things” that have already happened by using a cleanse.

You should always be skeptical when you hear a claim for “fast” weight loss. There is no magic pill to lose weight. If the program does not include proper nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management, it will not work long-term.
Instead of looking for a short- term fix to reach your New Year’s resolution goal, look into making long- term lifestyle changes. Making small manageable changes is the key to long-term success. If you are not sure where to start, ask a fitness professional at Y.E.S. Fitness to help you!

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