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Discover the best fitness trends for 2018

Group Training

Recently, Women’s Health Magazine did a survey to discover the best fitness trends for 2018. Guess what the top six trends are going to be? In order, High Intensity Interval Training, Group Training, Wearable Technology, Body Weight Training, Strength Training, and Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals! Y.E.S. Fitness has been utilizing these methods for the past 19 years and we are thrilled to see that while fads come and go, real Results stand the test of time.

Here is a little about each of the trends. Does your training include each of them?

  • High Intensity Interval Training –  Short, high intensity burst of activity, typically lasting between 10 seconds to 2 minutes in length followed by a short rest and recovery. The total workout can last as little as five minutes up to 30 minutes
  • Group Training –  The comradery and friendships developed in groups helps with accountability and compliance. The “buddy” system is the best!
  • Wearable Technology – The most effective work-to-rest periods in High Intensity Interval Training are based on your heart rate. With the use of a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, you can truly experience a superior interval training workout that will provide the ultimate fat loss experience!
  • Body Weight Training –  This test-of-time style workout requires minimal equipment and can be adaptive to any level of fitness.
  • Strength Training – Strength training has many benefits include; improved bone density, better balance, improved average daily living and increased metabolism. (Fact – 10 weeks of strength training can increase your metabolic resting rate by up to 7 percent.)
  • Experienced Fitness Professionals – Anyone can take a simple weekend course or a test online to become certified. It is important to look for trainers that are accredited. Do your homework before working with a trainer.

Fads diets and workouts come and go. To get true, lasting results come with solid, scientific based training. Are you getting a few of these trends in your workout? Hopefully you are getting all of these and more.

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