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Does Vitamin B Help Reduce Strokes

Previous articles have shown the benefits of Vitamin B: including a reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease. However some studies have shown that Vitamin B can also increase the risk of strokes, so researchers in China conducted their own investigation.

The participants in these studies were followed for 6 months with some taking a low dosage of the vitamin, and others taking a placebo. During these 6 months, 2,471 strokes occurred.

The Chinese researchers found that taking the vitamin B supplement had a 7% reduction in stroke risk, but it did not reduce the severity of strokes in those who did have them. Oddly, they also found that vitamin B9 (a supplemental form of folate frequently found in fortified cereals) actually reduced the effects of vitamin B thus increasing the risk of strokes. But do not be too quick to run to the store to stock up on vitamin B just yet. Other factors must be considered such as individual absorption and response to B vitamins, high blood pressure or the existence of chronic kidney disease, and other medications you might be taking. These can all reduce the effect of the vitamin.

Resource: Exercise Etc. Inc.

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