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Eat Onions For Better Health

We all know the benefits of fiber and increasing our metabolism for fat loss as we age. Onions are excellent sources of chromium and fiber. Chromium is important because it is a trace mineral that promotes insulin production. This helps metabolism and fat burning.

Onions also help regulate blood sugar levels, making them an essential staple for those with diabetes. Onions help improve blood lipids by lowering high cholesterol and high blood pressure while improving circulation.

Thiosulfates found in onions reduce clotting and work as natural blood thinners. Onions are especially necessary for women over age 50 and who might be concerned with osteoporosis because onions  contain GPCS, a compound that boosts bone mass and inhibits bone re-absorption.

Add them to soups, stews, various salads and slow cooked casseroles.

Resource: OnFitness Magazine

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