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Eating Peanut Butter Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer

New research has found that eating peanut butter regularly as a preteen and teen girl appears to decrease the risk of developing benign breast disease as an adult.

Benign breast disease is fairly common, and a known risk factor for breast cancer. This gives us hope that there are strategies to help prevent it.

Researchers looked at foods with vegetable protein and vegetable fats, then focused on individual foods, including peanut butter. A daily serving of peanut butter was linked with a 68 percent reduced risk of benign breast disease.

Researchers feel it could be the protein, but cannot fully explain the link yet. Still the findings are strong even when taking into account an overall healthy diet.

Another expert added that in countries where less mea is eaten, less breast cancer risk is reported. The take-home message is for teens and preteens to substitute peanuts and peanut butter for less-healthy snacks.

Resource: Medline Plus

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