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Eating The Right Foods At The Right Time

You’ve heard the saying “Timing is everything.” This is true for eating as well.  Not only is consuming the right foods important, but it is also just as essential to know when to eat those foods. Depending on the time of day, your activity level, or the situation you’re in, your body needs certain nutrients to help you sustain or recover properly so that your body and mind can function at an optimal level. 

Are you feeling sluggish during the late afternoon? Feel like you need sugar or caffeine to give you that burst of energy to make it through the rest of the day? Before you reach for those chips and candy, try a handful of nuts. Research has shown that it is protein and not sugar that activates the cells to keep us awake and burns calories.

After a restless night sleep, do you wake feeling sluggish and groggy? This is not going to be your only problem. Research has shown that poor sleep causes certain reactions in your body which can lead to increased appetite and overeating. To combat this, eat some lean protein for breakfast. Try Greek yogurt with some berries or banana, a handful of nuts or some lean meat. Protein will keep you feeling fuller longer and can prevent you from eating too much.

What to eat after a strength training workout is a common question. In order to refuel your muscles correctly so that they grow and get stronger, eat within one hour of exercising. Studies have shown that this improves your body’s absorption of nutrients. Drink a glass of chocolate milk or eat a slice of 100% whole wheat bread with all natural-peanut butter. Eating the correct ratio of carbohydrates and protein will take full advantage of the muscles growth cycle, creating leaner muscle mass.

Stay tuned to next month’s NewsShaper for more information on refueling after a workout.

Resource: Livestrong

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