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Exercise And Treating Heart Disease And Diabetes

There is new evidence that exercise may be as effective as medications in treating heart disease and diabetes.

Doctors now advise everyone, from young children to older adults, to become more physically active. It is the best way to maintain a healthy weight, keep the heart muscle strong, and improve your mental outlook.

Researchers compared the effect of exercise to that of drug therapy on four different health outcomes: heart disease, recovery from stroke, heart failure treatment and preventing diabetes.

Scientists found that there were no detectable differences between the two groups when it came to preventing diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and keeping additional events at bay for heart patients. The physical activity was most powerful for participants who experienced a stroke. The only group that did not benefit from exercise over drugs were patients with heart failure, likely because the strain of the physical activity was not recommended for their condition.

The findings confirmed that physical activity can be as powerful as medications in keeping the body healthy.

 Resource: TIME

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