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Exercise For Heart Health

The bottom line is that ALL exercise helps with heart health. Exercise of any kind increases the rate at which your heart pumps blood to your body.

You are not off the hook from “cardio” or “aerobic” exercise, even if you do a lot of strength training. The point is that the heart is a muscle and since an active muscle is much stronger than an inactive muscle, the more exercise you get, the stronger your heart becomes.

Yes, intense strength training makes the heart muscle work hard. You will notice this when you perform an 8-10 repetition maximum set of deadlifts, squats or lat pull-downs.

However, consider strength training an adjunct to a heart fitness program; nobody is exempt from cardio based exercise. In addition, the two main culprits of heart disease are high cholesterol and high blood pressure. All exercise helps increase your good cholesterol (HDL) which flows through your arteries and removes the plaque left behind by your bad cholesterol (LDL). Exercise also assists with better overall circulation and stress reduction, which helps keep high blood pressure in check. So, get exercising!

Resource: OnFitness Magazine

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