Your Body After 40

Body CompositionBody Composition

The optimal body should be comprised of 78%–84% of lean mass (which means everything BUT Fat!) and only 16%–22% of Fat allowing for an efficient metabolism during exercise and rest. Unfortunately, many 40-plus people don’t think anything is “wrong” when they have “only gained 5 pounds” the past 10 years but it’s really 10 pounds of “fat gain” and 5 pounds of “muscle loss.” The body from age 30 to 40, on average, will lose about a half-pound of muscle while gaining one pound of fat. From age 40 on, you will lose muscle and gain fat at an even faster pace without exercise. The “vicious cycle” is well underway by age 40, as your body’s metabolism slows due to the lean mass loss and you gain a few inches on your body from the Fat gain.

The Good News! The Y.E.S. Method we are committed to at Y.E.S. Fitness can show you how to Build Muscle at Any Age…even through your 90s. We help you build lean mass, reduce inches from your body and make you feel great in doing the normal activities of life.

Aerobic capacityAerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity declines as we age as proven by The Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging. It begins to be noticeable as we enter our 40-plus years and declines more rapidly in our 60s and 70s. Without exercise, the aerobic capacity decline is accelerated. The good news is that individuals who start with higher aerobic capacity AND continue their activity habits throughout life maintain a greater fitness level at all points in the aging spectrum.

At Y.E.S. Fitness, we increase peak aerobic capacity in our 40-plus clients with personalized programs that utilize optimal oxygen consumption. Our clients achieve a greater fitness level allowing them to improve endurance, increase stamina and enjoy a quality life.

Muscular strength & enduranceMuscular Strength & Endurance

Many 40-plus individuals experience Sarcopenia, which means we are losing muscle mass resulting in decreased muscle strength, size and endurance. Studies haves shown a person loses 50% of lean mass from age 20 to 90, with those age 50 to 70 losing 30% of their muscle strength! In addition, as we age, there is a decrease in muscle endurance, size and weight relative to total body weight. The by-product of Sarcopenia is loss of motor coordination affecting our daily activities of life. The major reasons for loss of muscle strength and endurance are inactivity, nutritional deficiency, disease or medications – NOT chronological aging.

Y.E.S. Fitness specializes in reversing muscle loss for people 40-plus by taking advantage of innovative training methods focused on age appropriate intensity. This will create more muscle strength, resulting in greater muscle endurance, which leads to our clients retaining more strength and balance so they live better as they age.

Functional MovementFunctional Movement

As the body ages, people can no longer perform the simple movement patterns we were able to perform as children, for example a deep squat. Joints that are designed to be mobile such as the ankle and hip lose their mobility. Those joints that are designed to be stable such as the knee and lumbar spine lose their stability. When a joint loses its intended movement, the body will no longer move efficiently, causing an increase for injury and a decrease in performance. A loss of mobility in one joint will impact the next joint, up or down. Many 40-plus people experience lower back pain because the mobility in their hip is compromised, forcing the lower back to not only provide stability but also attempt to provide the lost mobility of the hip. Inefficient functional movement leads to injury and pain.

At Y.E.S. Fitness, we begin with our Functional Movement Screening which gives us a clear blueprint of how your body actually moves and functions. Our innovative SMR and RAMP warm-up techniques prepare our Y.E.S. Clients for optimal results. Specialized Corrective Exercises are incorporated into their training, improving mobility and stability so our 40-plus clients can enjoy a life of efficient functional movement.

Bone densityBone Density

Beginning in our 20s, our bodies will lose bone density as a natural process. This process can become more rapid as we enter our 40-plus years because of sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and decreased exposure to sunshine. This loss of bone density is often the cause of Osteoporosis, increasing the likelihood of bone fractures. This bone mass loss is problematic in the 40-plus individual. A weakened skeletal system leads to unexpected injuries.

At Y.E.S. Fitness, we recognize the importance of maintaining bone density through all stages of life. Our strength and impact training builds bone density at any age. Our Y.E.S. Supplements help with the intake and absorption of Vitamin-D and our Y.E.S. Nutrition expertise will help make your diet bone friendly.

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