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Going Beltless Is Best

Remember when the only time you would see someone wearing a weight belt was in the gym, and only when they were performing the heaviest squats, dead lifts and overhead presses? The trend to wear them has now extended beyond the gym doors. Trash collectors, truck drivers, construction workers etc. spend their entire workday in a weight belt. Should we wrap our joints and use a weight belt? While you may want to wrap up tight before a weight lifting competition, for general training and everyday labor activities, it is best to go without the added support. That is because using an added support causes the body (and your mind) to rely on the support.

When your own body provides all the support, you do not have any crutches to lean on and the body has to respond (which it will). Too much reliance on an artificial support such as a weight belt, braces or wraps on the joints can actually weaken the muscles instead of build them up. For building the body, it is better to go beltless during general training, and forego the braces and wraps as well.

Resource: OnFitness

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