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Healthy Back = Health Shoulders

Most men’s workouts focus on biceps, triceps, pectorals and abs. This can lead to some shoulder injuries that can be avoided with some pre-workout exercises.

   Foam roll your T-Spine: Lie perpendicular on the foam roller with it at the level just below your shoulder blades. Clasp hands behind head/neck for support. Rolling up and down with knees bent, find those sweet spots and take a deep breath or two and allow your body to fold over the foam roller. Wall Ys: Stand about three inches in front of a wall and raise both arms up at an angle like a Y. With elbows straight and thumbs pointing away from the wall, pull your shoulders down and pull back your hands from the wall and think about squeezing your shoulder blades and the muscles just below your shoulder blades together. This action will engage your lower traps and prepare them for heavier shoulder exercises.

   Elbow reach: Start with a plank position on elbows. Make sure elbows are under shoulders and not your eyes. Make sure that your shoulders are not rounded. Take one arm and raise it up off the floor over your head. This brings you from a four point plank stance to a three point plank stance. This will help improve shoulder stabilization.

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