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Healthy Nutrition For The Summer Time

Summer weekends at the beach are here as well as picnics, backyard barbecues, and outdoor dinners. But these gatherings are often loaded with calorie-laden foods like pasta salads, chips, ice cream, cookies, cocktails and beers. Enjoy your warm weather favorites while keeping your nutrition in check with these suggestions below.

Drink lots of water. Not only will it make you feel full, it will keep you hydrated during the heat of the summer.

Don’t skip breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, your body is running on fumes. Eating a breakfast with a protein, fruit or vegetable, whole grain carb, and a healthy fat kicks your metabolism into high gear and provides energy for the day.

Build a better burger. Burgers are a staple for a summertime barbecue. Create a healthier one with whole-wheat buns, lean meats, and delicious toppings like pineapple, wasabi, guacamole, and feta cheese.

Serve seafood. Summer is the ideal time to get the freshest catch from your local grocer. Grill salmon, tuna, lobster, clams, and calamari for a low-calorie, protein-packed lunch or dinner.

Eat Berries. Enjoy a cup of fresh antioxidant filled berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, every day. A colorful bowl of berries is a fantastic dish to bring to any gathering.

Eat healthy at the beach. Pack a cooler with bottled water, sandwiches on whole grain breads, pita chips, hummus, yogurt and lots of fruit. You’ll feel healthier and happier after your day at the beach.

Do not go hungry. To avoid over-eating, eat a snack before you go to a gathering so you are less likely to over-indulge.

Drink green tea instead of sweet tea.  Green tea has a natural component that some studies have shown may help speed up your metabolism. Skip the box tea and brew-it-yourself with boiling water and a tea-bag-type tea. You can then put it over ice and enjoy!

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