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High-Intensity Training for People with Parkinson’s?

Findings reported in the Journal of Applied physiology showed that a training program designed to challenge strength, power, endurance, balance and mobility could produce benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease.

The core prescription for strength and power development consisted of progressive resistance training (RT) for the major muscle groups and abdominal exercises. Between RT sets, subjects performed 1-2 body weight exercises for 45-60 seconds, or did a 60 second interval on a treadmill or stationary bike.

Study authors saw improvements in strength, muscle size and power which was expected after rigorous weight training; but they also saw improvement in balance and muscle control, cognition, mood and sense of well-being.

These are all indications that strength training produces a major improvement in the ability to activate muscles, to generate power and to produce energy. All of which can contribute to improved quality of life and reduction of injury risk from falls.

Resource: IDEA Fitness Journal

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