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How Accurate Is Your FitBit?

Ah, technology! Apps with maps, maps with apps and now activity trackers: technology on our wrists that measure data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, and other metrics. There are products that continuously sync your stats to your computer and smartphone. You can also get real-time access to your progress and reminders throughout the day to motivate us and hopefully get us moving. But how accurate are these newer devices?

Wearable activity monitors by BodyMedia® Fit, DirectLife, Fitbit® One, Fitbit® Zip, Jawbone UP®, Nike+Fuel Band, Basis Band, and Actigraph GT3X+ were evaluated against a portable metabolic analyzer.

Results showed positive comparability with estimating energy expenditure in a wide variety of activities. However, it was noted that when measuring steps taken, monitors worn on the wrist tended to overestimate manual step counts because of where the device is worn. On the positive side, clip style monitors were very accurate in measuring steps.

The good news? These monitors help motivate individuals and provide good information about activity levels. What a great way to get beginners into their exercise!

Resource: Exercise Etc.

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