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Kettlebell Snatch

No matter what your age or fitness level it is important to train your core, upper body and lower body. A great exercise to work these muscles simultaneously is with the kettlebell snatch. The scapular retractors are the primary muscles, but a larger number of muscles function during the proper execution of kettlebell snatch.

With proper instruction, anyone can benefit from this exercise. Start with one kettlebell positioned between your feet. Assume a slightly wider than shoulder width stance. Squat down and grip the bell.

Explode straight up out of the bottom position. Keep your arm straight and swing the bell in front of you until it is directly over head. Squat down slightly as the bell reaches the top position. The knees and hips should be bent at the completion of the rep. Perform 15-30 reps on each side for one to three sets.

Resource: OnFitness Magazine

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