Live Better

Live Better

At Y.E.S. Fitness we always begin with your fitness and lifestyle goals in mind. Our training methods and coaches are all focused on helping you meet your lifestyle goals and to achieve the kind of results you’re looking for.

For some, it’s improving a golf swing or running a road race, for others it’s having overall fitness, greater strength and flexibility in order to ease or eliminate body pain, or to help reduce or, in some cases, eliminate chronic medical conditions and their associated prescription medications.

No matter the goal, we help a diverse group of clients reverse the effects of aging so they can live their best life. See, hear and read for yourself.

Meet SueFeeling great after hip surgery! Meet Sue…
“I joined Y.E.S Fitness 15 years ago. I live 6.5 miles away in Avon, and it’s worth the travel to workout at Y.E.S. I enjoy the friendly environment, format of the classes and feel the coaches really care about me and my results. Two years ago, I slipped on ice and suffered a hip fracture, which required surgery. After two months of recovery and physical therapy, my therapist gave permission for me to return to Y.E.S. I then received individualized attention and specific exercise routines. I am thankful to Chris and his staff for helping me get stronger and back to a normal workout. I love this gym. Many thanks to the entire staff for the personal attention, motivation, and encouragement!”

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