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Making The Most Out Of Your Lunch Break!

How do you spend your lunch break? Do you gobble down lunch at your desk in 10 minutes and get right back to work? Or do you skip your lunch altogether?

Both of these options are not the best way to nourish your body or re-energize your mind. Both are important for your health and being more productive at work. Here are some ideas to use this time more effectively.

1. Divide up the time. If you have an hour for lunch, spend 30 minutes to eat and 30 minutes to take a walk or do some exercises. If you only get 30 minutes, use 20 minutes to eat and take a 10-minute walk.

2. Do not overeat at lunch. Eating a heavy lunch will make you feel tired and sluggish. Eat a well-balanced meal of lean protein, a healthy whole grain carbohydrate, along with a vegetable. Eating a meal high in protein and fiber will keep you feeling fuller longer and give you natural energy to be more productive for the rest of your work day.

3. Change your scenery. Get out of your office or away from your desk. Eat lunch outside, in the lunchroom or go to another room. Bring a blanket to sit outside for a picnic. Eat at a local park or dine with co-workers in another location inside your office building. By getting up and out, you will separate yourself from your work, eat more slowly, and refresh your mind before returning to work.

4. Utilize your office. If you cannot get out for a walk, use what you have inside to get moving. Take a few laps on the stairs, do some dips and push-ups off the edge of your desk, then add in some lunges. If you are able, bring and exercise ball and do a few simple exercises to change it up a bit.

By actually taking your lunch break and using it wisely, you will nourish your mind and body while de-stressing. Taking care of yourself for just 30-60 minutes will make you more productive for hours the rest of the day.

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