I am so impressed with what I can do now! Meet Claire

Meet Claire

“Before Y.E.S. Fitness, my clothes were so tight that I would have red lines on my skin at the end of the day. I was a teacher, and I would feel winded going up and down the stairs at school. I had learned that I had a grandchild on the way so I wanted to improve my health and stamina, have more energy, and feel stronger. I wanted to be able to play with my grandchild without feeling winded. I had a friend I worked with that went to Y.E.S. Fitness, and I was seeing great results on her, so I asked what her secret was and she had told me about Y.E.S. and how she went there twice a week on her way home, so I decided to give it a try. The people here are wonderful, the atmosphere is comfortable, and there is plenty of guidance on how to reach your goals. I find that my clothes are fitting better and I am impressed with what I can do now. They give you enough push without being overbearing and see make sure you get the results you came here for.”

I enjoy developing personal, trusting relationships with my clients.

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