I’ve seen great improvements. Meet Mary Ann

Meet Maryann

“In 2009, I had rotator cuff surgery. Although I was diligent in my physical therapy, I found I wasn’t using my right arm, to the point where I had limited movement. I joined a gym and got a trainer, and actually had great results. I went religiously until I changed jobs and found that the club was out of the way. When I did go, I was beginning to realize my trainer had no real plan for me, it was just “what did I want to work on today?” I started slacking off so I decided to join Y.E.S. Fitness. My primary reason was it was 5 minutes from my home, so I’d have no excuses not to go. My experience has been great! At Y.E.S they have a plan. I’ve shed a few pounds, but more importantly, have seen great improvement in my strength and flexibility. I also love the classes.”

I enjoy developing personal, trusting relationships with my clients.