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Nearly one in every four adults has suffered from the afflictions of depression and anxiety disorders. However, a daily exercise regiment is a natural solution without the side effects typical of drugs.

Researchers found that aerobic exercise had comparable anxiolytic effects to meditation and quiet rest, but the effect lasted for a longer period of time following exercise.

Other research found that exercising individuals handled stress better through lower behavioral anxiety, lower cognitive and somatic anxiety, and their heart rates recovered faster following a stressful situation.

A recent study found that exercise, including resistance training, had an anxiolytic effect and led to and overall reduction in worry symptoms among individuals with generalized anxiety disorder.

Finally, more researchers found that regular exercise not only has anxiolytic and antioxidant effects, but can also protect against stress-induced multiple organ damage.

So while we may not always be able to avoid stress, we can counter and even reverse the effects with daily exercise.

Resource: OnFitness Magazine

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