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Postural Control Throughout Life

Being able to maintain postural control throughout our normal activities is critical for all phases of life. Our concern as we age is the increased risk of falling. However, it is not just about moving through motions. It also includes being able to talk while performing a task. Postural sway can be minimized by modifying the task, but the concern then becomes whether the modification increases stress on other areas of the body. Adopting a stiff posture reduces the functionality of the task and can create other problems.

Being able to pick up a load, such as a grocery bag or a child, is also important, since this changes the dynamics of the movement as well as the sway of the body due to the weight of the load. Incorporating lifting and carrying into exercise programs is important. Also, adding movements requiring one to lift up on their toes to reach, grab, and hold an object would be beneficial.

Adding a conversation in the mix while performing these tasks incorporates another layer of distraction to gain from. This is a part of daily life, and can be beneficial to improve proprioceptor function while requiring the client to multitask.

Resource: Exercise Etc.

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