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Re-Fueling After Your Workout

Last month’s article introduced tips for eating after a workout. In recent years, there has been much research related to the timing of protein supplementation and its effect on muscle strength and development.

According to some of these studies, supplying your body with extra protein and carbohydrates following a strength exercise session increases both fat loss and muscle development. Some participants in these studies consumed a post energy drink within two hours of their workouts and some did not. Participants who had the post workout energy drink lost more pounds of fat and had a larger increase in lean muscle mass than those who did not drink it.

What does this mean to you? Better body composition changes!

Eating 30 minutes to 1 hour after your workout is the best window for your body to absorb the nutrients after a workout. Carbohydrates will replenish glycogen stores that provide energy to your body and protein will rebuild your muscle.

Follow this formula for post-energy drinks or snacks: The carbohydrate to protein ratio for short, low to moderate intensity workouts should be 2:1 and for long, high intensity training sessions the ratio should be 3:1.

Examples of snacks with a 2:1
Carb/Protein Ratio

  • Glass of chocolate milk.
  • Hard-boiled egg and a piece of fruit.

Examples of snacks with a 3:1
Carb/Protein Ratio

  • Greek yogurt with granola.
  • Whole-wheat toast with nut butter.

Sources: Wayne L. Westcott, PhD; Livestrong.com

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