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Reducing Trip-Related Falls

Falls are not fun. The physical and emotional pain can be debilitating. Researchers decided to study the extent to which a task-specific training protocol might decrease the number of falls by middle-aged and older women.

Fourteen healthy women were assigned to either a training group or a control group.  The training group participated in an individually tailored, task-specific training protocol during which forward directed stepping responses were necessary to avoid a fall after treadmill-delivered postural disturbances. A safety harness was used so that no injuries occurred.

What was found was that compared with the control group, there were fewer falls by the trained women after the laboratory-induced trip. The possibility is that in being placed in these situations, not only did they gain good neuromuscular reflexes, but confidence as well. So, keep working on those balance exercises because it helps.

Resource: Exercise Etc. Inc.

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