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Training Yourself To Have More Willpower

In a new study published by the journal Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, researchers say that with a little practice, it may be possible to strengthen and improve your self-control and lose more weight.

The study suggests self-control, or willpower, is like “building a muscle”. The more you ‘exercise’ it by eating a low fat diet, working out even when you do not feel like it, and going to group meetings when you’d rather stay home, the more you will increase and strengthen your self-control ‘muscle’ and quite possibly lose more weight and improve your health.

Researchers found that participants in both studies who achieved a 10 percent weight loss, had greater self-control compared to those who did not achieve such a weight loss. Also, individuals demonstrating increases in self-control from pre-to-post treatment achieved significantly higher weight loss, attended more group meetings, engaged in more physical activity and ate a healthier diet.

Findings suggest that self-control is flexible and the practice of inhibiting impulses may help people get better weight loss results through targeted treatments.

Resource: PFP E-News

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