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Walking Errors to Avoid

  • Walking too slow for one’s ability. Even a very de-conditioned person can put some elbow grease into walking. At a minimum, your heart rate should be elevated while walking.
  • Not doing any HIIT: high-intensity interval training. Steady state movement has a limited effect on weight loss. High intensity interval training will produce more weight loss than much longer sessions of steady state activity.

This is because HIIT results in a hormonal response that causes metabolism to remain elevated for hours after the workout session is over. This response does not come from regular, steady state paced walking, even if done for long periods.

  • Including the walking you did at the mall, while doing housework or on the job as part of your fitness walking regimen. This is an easy way out of the responsibility of a structured exercise session, and it does not work.

There is no correlation between low body fat percentage and amount of walking that one does on the job, or amount of housework that one does.

Solutions to walking mistakes:

1. Do HIIT twice a week.

2. Pump your arms while on a treadmill.

3. Add inclines.

4. If you walk outdoors, add hills if possible.

5. Do not skip structured exercise because you did housework or a lot of shopping that day.

6. When trying to walk faster, a natural inclination is to lengthen your stride in front, reaching out further with your forward foot. This leads to a clumsy, ungainly gait, striking hard with the feet. Your shins hurt and you don’t get any faster.

Resource: OnFitness

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