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Woohoo! I did it! Now what?

You did it. You’ve hit your next goal. No you crushed it! And now that the dust has settled you’re thinking either one of two things, “Well, now what do I do?” or “What if I go back to my old habits!?!” You’re not quite ready to launch yourself into that next phase goal, but you don’t want to let yourself become complacent and slide back into old unhealthy habits. The truth is that after your body peaks, it needs time to recover. So what do you do?

You were able to accomplish your goals by creating healthy habits. Over the course of your journey, you’ve learned how to maintain your body and you’ll use these skills to keep that body for life, even while enjoying the occasional splurge. Your new habits are a part of you! Congratulations! So while you’re thinking of that next mountain to climb, let’s give you a few reminders to maintain your new healthy habits.

Revisit Your Mission Statement! What drives you to stay focused and on track? When you have a weak moment (and they do happen, as we all know), have a mission statement or mantra that can give you a much-needed boost. Remember, you started this journey to eat and workout to live, not live to eat and workout! So whether it’s “I workout to have energy and play with my kids, to feel strong physically and mentally, or to prepare for my next adventure,” keep this statement close to your heart at all times!


Keep Planning Ahead. You have learned how to use food as fuel, to keep your metabolism revving high; fueling yourself for your workouts and your daily activities instead of starving yourself to get the body you want. This takes time and preparation. Preparation is a habit you’ve worked very hard to create. Planning your nutrition ahead of time allows you to plan your splurges and really enjoy them. Even though you’re not pushing towards that next level goal just yet, it’s important to keep your nutrition on track.


Remember Your Checkpoints

Attitude Check – Keep your thoughts positive.

Splurge Check – You can get away with enjoying a splurge 10% of the time.

Water Check – Get a minimum of eight glasses a day or 60 ounces.

Veggie Check – You should be eating a fruit or vegetable at each meal.

Posture Check – Don’t slouch. Sit up straight!

Sleep Check – Get at least eight hours on average or your energy levels will plummet.

Keep your workout schedule. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so keep up your workout schedule day after day, week after week, month after month. Lift weights that challenge you consistently and exercise with an attitude of what you can do, not what you can’t.

Ditch your scale – Really!  At this point, your scale should be in the back of a closet or donated to Goodwill. The scale is not a measurement of your overall fitness or shape. Seriously, give your scale away! Don’t get stuck in the old habit of stepping on the scale or watching those numbers. Use your clothes. They don’t lie. A pair of jeans, slacks, a dress, or even an entire outfit is your new guide. Wear these clothes once a week to stay accountable.

No more “fat” clothes. Remember that those “fat pants” have no place in your closet. Scale your wardrobe down to one size – the size you proudly wear now that you’ve crushed your recent goal!

Set a new goal. Yes, this is integral to your fitness journey! Your goal may be fat loss oriented, strength oriented, or activity oriented. Perhaps you’ve just come down two sizes in your jeans and you are happy in your new size. Congratulations! If you have reached your target size then your next goal can be activity related. Maybe you could run your first 5K, join the Results Fitness Powerlifting team; hike that trail you’ve always wanted to try, or climb Mount Everest. Seriously, one of our members hiked to base camp last year! You can do anything you set your mind to and we are here to help.

If you are having difficulty setting your next goal talk to your coach the next time you’re in the gym. If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level and want to learn more, contact us at info@YESFitnessCT.com or call 860.673.4293.  Click here for more information.

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