Feel Younger Philosophy

Chris BordaHi, I’m Chris Borda, owner and coach of Y.E.S. Fitness.

Welcome to a whole new way of relating to aging and fitness after 40. Conventional wisdom often focuses on the “inevitable” decline of individuals who are middle-aged and older. We hear phrases like “over the hill” and are often teased about “one more candle on the birthday cake.”

Well, I don’t buy into it. I believe that men and women aged 40-plus have the best years of their lives ahead of them. I know it’s true because I have personally coached those who have achieved amazing results in health and lifestyle by improving their fitness level. Increased physical strength and endurance, improved aerobic capacity, greater flexibility and balance all add up to a happier, more vital you.

Explore our Y.E.S. Success stories and to meet just a few of the many incredible people who feeling younger every second with Y.E.S. Fitness.

— Chris Borda, CSCS, HFS

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