Y.E.S. Method

At Y.E.S. Fitness, we have developed a systematic and proven approach to maximize results. It begins with our Y.E.S. Method which is comprised of: Health History & Fitness Assessment, Functional Movement Screening, Program Design, Training, and Reassessment.

Health History & Fitness Assessment

Each client has unique needs and goals. Y.E.S. Fitness specializes in clients who are 40-plus in age and with that comes injuries from sports, from work, medical concerns and prescription medication. At Y.E.S. Fitness, we listen deeply to understand your health history and current fitness level. We will determine your Body Composition, BMI (Body Mass Index) and other key fitness measurements before your program is designed. We also specialize in sticking with the plan, even if adjustments need to be made due to any changes in your health status.

Functional Movement Screening

Y.E.S. Fitness considers the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to be the critical foundation to your session goals and successes. At Y.E.S. Fitness, we don’t simply sign you up, point to the wide array of weights, core equipment or cardiovascular machines and say good luck. The FMS gives us a clear blueprint of how your body actually moves and how it functions, so when we design your program it is designed from the “ground up.” We identify and expose functional limitations, then create an individualized program to systematically correct and improve your movement patterns.The FMS baseline helps us monitor your progress, measure your continual movement development and fine-tune all the functional systems of your body so you achieve optimal results.

Program designProgram Design

We build upon the health history and FMS results to create a customized plan that works towards your goals now and into the future. We take into account physical limitations due to injury, disease and current physical conditioning. We maximize every second of your Coach’s session by designing innovative strength, core and cardio exercise segments that address your FMS limitations. This is the goal of every session so you achieve a healthier, more active 40-plus lifestyle.


Your situation is unique. Our Coaches focus on your needs and effectively adjust your training as necessary. Our training is functional, efficient and rehabilitative. We provide an overall body workout to maximize your results. Your program will continue to progress as your body improves. In addition, you can expect our Y.E.S. Fitness Coaching Team to provide the motivation and support that is right for you. Working as a team, our Coaches make every exercise session positive and productive.


Every step of our Y.E.S. Fitness Method is measurable — from the Functional Movement Screening baseline to the number of repetitions or how much weight was used in a particular exercise – it’s all measurable! This data provides the information our Coaches and clients need to maintain or adjust program elements. We include periodic reassessment evaluations as part of the Y.E.S. Method to discuss your progress, review your goals and reexamine your health needs.

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